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Working Hours

5:30AM To 7:00PM

New Cyfair Kids Academy is not just a daycare, it is a great place with loving caretakers for your most precious assets. We treat your children like we treat ours and ensure they are always safe, healthy and in a happy environment.

Why Us
I love this place. My kids love this place. Could not have chosen a better daycare to watch over my littles!.
Jessica Hahn
Local Guide
Love the staff and the director is great with the kids.
Tony Roberts
Very friendly environment and loving staff. They cater to you and your child.
Yniska Lemon-Gray
CyFair Kids Academy is awesome! Loving teachers , great kids. The teachers really take their time out with the kids, they actually teach them they show them new things it's not JUST daycare. The new Director Mrs. YaYa is awesome she's great. She's a hard worker and make sure everything is done. She goes above and beyond. Bring your kids here! You won't regret it.
Myri Taylor